Podcast Script Writer for The Rorshok Georgia Update
Job Search

Rorshok connects migrants and expatriates with each other and around the world to places in which they live. 

We are looking for a SCRIPT WRITER for a weekly podcast for migrants in Georgia.

Your Qualifications and Experience:

  • You are a native or near-native English speaker and writer.
  • You are based in and from Georgia or you have been living there for more than 5 years. 
  • You can read and speak the national language fluently.
  • You are an experienced writer, journalist or advanced English student.
  • You know how to work collectively on a Google Doc.
  • You are well organized and able to follow a weekly strict timetable.
  • You follow the news, culture, and current events. 
  • You are open to coaching sessions with our editor-in-chief if needed

Job details

You will be required to submit a 1300-word document weekly and do one revision according to our editor’s notes in a timely manner (according to what has been agreed on). The piece should include issues or things that happened in or are relevant to Georgia and that took place the week before the final deadline. It should include newsworthy stories and things that people are talking about which could be interesting and relevant to expatriates in Georgia.

Some topics to cover are:

  • National politics/bi-lateral issues.
  • Stories from different regions and cities, apart from the capital city.
  • Issues of public health & safety, ie. natural disasters
  • Really major corporate/commercial news —deals, relevant acquisitions, company-merging.
  • Corruption investigations, allegations, trials involving politicians, media personalities, relevant public figures, etc.
  • Topics related to migrant life & experience, ie. visas, residence, travel news, law changes, etc. 
  • Upcoming cultural events, festivities, national holidays (before they happen)
  • Entertainment news ie. books, movies, series, related to the country or recently awarded.
  • Stories about national artists, sportspeople, writers, musicians, actors.

You are also required to include a script summary between three and five lines long and relevant pronunciation comments on the words that are not in English that will help the reader.

Our comprehensive Guideline for Writers will provide you with the specifics and will help you achieve the Rorshok writing style. You will have access to it and be notified if any major changes are made.


The deadlines are weekly commitments. The following are the deadlines we suggest and prefer. We are open to making small adjustments if both parties agree (Rorshok & the writer).

1st deadline: On Wednesdays you will upload to Google Drive a first draft with the events from the previous Thursday up to date (around 80% of the total work) before noon GMT+0. Afterward, the chief editor will make notes and comments.

Final deadline: You’ll have from Wednesday 8pm GMT+0 till Thursday noon GMT+0  to revise and edit the script according to the editor’s notes and also add or update stories and to add the summary and pronunciations. By now the script should be 100% done, all the comments should be solved, except for the pronunciation comments and anything you need the editor to see in their final revision.

Availability for contact

You are expected to be available for contact via Whatsapp or email (at a reasonable time) in case the editor needs to ask you something. 


Our editor will be in contact with you weekly providing feedback in Google Docs as well as personalized messages through Whatsapp or email. Also, if the editor considers it necessary, you will have to assist at least one writing coaching session to help you achieve the Rorshok writing style. 


This is a paid position, which pays monthy, depending on the number of weeks in the month. Payment of services is sent on the first 10 days of the following month, after your submission of the payment request


Send your application to info@rorshok.com with the subject line Scriptwriter for Georgia.

Please include your Linkedin profile or CV, a sample of anything you have written in English, and a few lines saying why you think you’d be a good fit for the job.