Rorshokoba 2024

Together in time and space

At 13:40-13:45 Monday 8 April 2024 will be a total eclipse of the sun visible in Dallas, Texas. It will be visible in an extremely narrow slice of North America. Dallas is the only place with good air connections as well as a high likelihood of being sunny. Everybody who can, should see a total eclipse of the sun once in their life. You will want to witness this mind renewing event with a heterogeneous community of curious, kind people. That is now on offer. Starting at 17:00 on Friday afternoon, you are invited to this weekend long event which we are calling Rorshokoba. That weekend will be a mix of seminars, tours, games, parties, meals, and other things that will be fun and of interest to all types of people. It is not being advertised, but anybody who gets this link may invite anybody they think would be interested and would be a valuable member of this group. Please mark your calendar and let us know of your possible interest here, or ask us questions or send ideas, or other forms of inspiration or celebration. The event is called #Rorshokoba. There will be more of them in a form to be agreed upon by the participants. But this will be the first.

By the way on Saturday 6 April 2024 Mark Mullen will be three thousand weeks old. There will be a celebration of that event. An epic epic celebration. You’ll want to have been there.