Each week, Rorshok produces brief (ten-minute) English language audio updates for different countries and some other larger entities, like the Oceans, the major Multilateral Organizations, and the Arctic. Although in English, our country-specific updates are written by people who live in those places and offer the locals’ point of view on the big things going on there.

We do this because news and information can often be overly biased, too much in the weeds, and can be a bit like trying to drink from a firehose. International news, particularly in English, doesn’t show the point of view from there. And none is particularly comprehensive or concise. We believe that a modest ten-minute listen each week can create a significantly greater understanding of a specific country. 

The main groups that will find these updates interesting are migrants, including expatriates working in these countries, people studying there, global nomads based there, but also people with significant others/friends originally from a certain country that would like to know more about their friends/loved one’s homeland, people that want to travel or even move to that country, first, second, or third-generation migrants from that country who want to build or keep a connection. They are free and open for anybody to listen to and don’t have any advertisements. 

We are working on adding more countries and other cross-cutting topics as we proceed until we have covered every part of the world.